Maximize User Engagement

Creating optimized content imagery for

Video / Article / Slideshow

Increase your clickthrough rates

Vizual.AI operates a cloud-based visual content optimization platform to select images, .gif's, and video trailers that drive substantial increases in user click through rates.

Video thumbnails are the gateway to publisher revenue

Vizual.AI uses advanced machine learning techniques to automatically deploy optimized thumbnails for your content in real time.

Our algorithms select the video trailers and static images which are most likely to drive interest and increase user engagement.

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Beyond Video

Vizual.AI optimizes images for multiple content formats including Text Articles.

Publishers aren't one dimensional so neither are our solutions. Vizual.AI provides customers support across the full spectrum of their content assets.


Match compelling images with text articles to increase user engagement.

Vizual.AI uses Natural Language Processing to parse and extract the topics, summary and intent of text articles. We use this analysis to provide an alternative set of optimized images that maximize click through.

User Interface

Track performance in real-time.

Use our online control panel to monitor performance of each of your optimized content assets.

We’ll show you detailed comparisons of page loads, image views and clicks between the editor’s original selection and the optimized images our algorithms recommended.

The flexible self-service interface provides publishers tools to upload additional images for testing, enable/disable images from a test group, download performance reports and more...

Maximize Content Monetization

Drive revenue

By increasing engagement, Vizual.AI drives incremental yield from your existing content assets.

Intelligent algorihtms

We leverage deep learning techniques trained on extensive behavioral data sets to predict human response to images.

Get results

Vizual.AI optimized images can achieve increases in click through rates of 100% or greater.

Integrate in seconds

Just add one line of code to your existing site and we take care of the rest. No CMS integration required.


Everything operates at high speed and in real time. Never miss the opportunity to go viral.


Adaptive implementation allows publisher to control optimization zones and image formats on desktop and mobile environments.

Under the Hood

Content Optimization Technology

Picture of facial recognition.


Our algorithms not only
identify individual faces in images, but can determine genders and estimate age.

Picture of emotion detection.


We measure facial emotions
(e.g. happy, sad, etc.) to choose images that are appropriate to the theme of your content.

Picture of highlighting text.


We use natural language processing to identify the themes of your articles, then find the best images to accompany the text.

Picture of graph.

Bayesian Bandits

Vizual.AI customized and
automated reinforcement
learning methods to rapidly converge
on the best performing image in real time.

Picture of Kobe Bryant.

Image Power Identification

of over 200,000 celebrities.

Multi-machine learning algorithms.


including support vector machines & gradient boosting machines to identify the most relevant content for users.

Unlock your content's full potential.